Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Survivor Observation Area

Last Friday, I participated in Relay For Life. More on that later, but for now, enjoy this picture. Close to the main stage at Relay there was a "Survivor Observation Area." I'm still not sure what that was for. Maybe the survivors were supposed to perform while all the other attendees watched from the designated observation area. I dunno. My family and I found it very amusing, so of course we mocked it the entire time we were there. During one of our walks around the lap, they decided to stop and observe me. Next year, they're bringing binoculars to enhance their survivor observation experience.


Laura said...

HAHAHA Love it! You have the greatest family! Dave and Jon crack me up... but it is even more funny that BOTH of your parents participated!! Yay Isbill Family!!!

Joanna Isbill said...

Haha, that's Stephen, not David. :) They look so much alike, though.