Monday, March 30, 2009

firebreather: long-term effects of radiation

I got to see the Discovery shuttle launch (from afar) when I was in Florida over spring break. It was really cool and was clearly an excellent photo opportunity. :o)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

doctor's office etiquette

The day I went to the doctor to have him tell me I have cancer there was this insanely annoying woman in the waiting room. She was talking on her cell phone in an extremely loud voice. And she.would.not.shut.up. I'm sitting there with my stomach in my throat about to puke my guts out because I know what the doctor is about to tell me, and Chatty Cathy is over there talking about what she had for lunch. I wanted to take her precious cell phone and cram it down her throat. But I didn't. And eventually, after the nurse called her name multiple times (Chatty C. couldn't hear the nurse over all the loud talking), she went back to see the doctor and I no longer had to listen to her obnoxious phone conversation. So, next time you're at the doctor, out of respect for that girl sitting across the room consumed with dread and anxiety over what she is about to hear, mind the sign posted at the door and turn off your cell phone.