Sunday, May 15, 2011

Relay For Life

Relay For Life is an awesome event held by the American Cancer Society every year all over the world. For me, this event is largely about celebrating life. It's about celebrating being a survivor of cancer. My favorite part is the survivors' walk. Joining together with friends and family and other survivors and caregivers from my community is such an amazing experience. It's a great reminder that we are not alone.

This was at the campsite next to my team. This makes it seem like the team had a vampire theme, but just to the left of this weird fang-y mouth was a cut out of Willy Wonka and some Oompa Loompas. I think the message here is that vampires and Willy Wonka both hate cancer.

I don't even know.


The luminary ceremony/walk is a time to remember our loved ones who died as a result of cancer. I raised my candle and walked for a dear friend who made (and continues to make!) a huge impression on my life.

If there's a Relay for Life in your area (and there probably is if you live in the U.S.) then I highly encourage you to check it out. It's an awesome experience.

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Alaina Kathleen said...

This is such a great event! It brought tears to my eyes to see your sweet pictures and to see all of the support around you!