Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Hope. A word I have heard all my life. A word I use all the time.
"Hope to see you soon."
"Hope you do well on your test."
"Hope you can get some rest."
"Hope you don't get stuck in traffic."
"Hope you win the lottery." :)
"Hope you feel better."
Hope. A word I never really understood until I was diagnosed with cancer. Hope is nothing unless it is hope in Jesus. Hope in Jesus is real. It is life. It is what gives me rest at night and what gets me out of bed in the morning. It sustains me the few days before a check-up when gut-wrenching fear threatens to creep in. It conquers fears. It brings peace. Hope in Jesus Christ because He defeated death and rose from the grave. Hope because He lives. Hope because His power is not limited by cancer.

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robs said...

Hey Joanna,
Thanks for commenting and posting your blog as well! For me I've gotten very frustrated lately with not being able to relate to other cancer survivors, either because they have completely different cancer experiences, or if they have thyroid cancer, they tend to be a bit older, with families, and things. So I've been trying to push my blog and find other young thyroid cancer people to talk to and see their stories. It helps a lot when you feel the most alone.