Wednesday, April 22, 2009

six month update

Exactly six months ago today I was sitting in the doctor's office with my stomach in my throat. I knew what was coming, but exactly six months ago today, my doctor looked at me with pain and sadness written all over his face and told me I have cancer. I don't think I will ever forget his expression. His compassion at that moment continues to reassure to me that he is a blessing from God. He has never said anything stupid. He never told me this was going to be easy. In fact, he said it was going to be hard. He never told me that I had the best cancer there is. He never told me that being hypothyroid while preparing for radiation was going to be fun. He never told me I was on my own to figure out the best treatment for me. He has always been in control of the situation and has never seemed to lack confidence. He is optimistic that I will be cured. He is realistic that this is not over yet. He listens to me instead of just looking at my labs. He is willing to make adjustments to my medication if I need him to. He genuinely cares about me and I love him for it.

Today I had a check-up and my doctor had a very different story to tell than six months ago. My TSH level is where it needs to be and my thyroglobulin (tumor marker) level is undetectable. Does this mean I am cancer free? No, but it does mean I am headed in the right direction and that my treatment to date has been effective. Is it reason to praise God for getting me this far? Absolutely.

**Just a clarification regarding the previous post. I don't want anyone to think I stay in bed all day crying my eyes out. I don't. I am actually in a really good place. I was able to write that post because I am in a good place. Yes, I go through a lot mentally and emotionally some days, but who doesn't?

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