Saturday, December 27, 2008

Looks great! Little full, lotta sap.

I have received some really great cards and notes of encouragement the past couple of months, but I got one the other day that had some awesome words that I thought I would share:

"No ocean can hold it back.
No river can overtake it.
No whirlwind can go faster.
No army can defeat it.
No law can stop it.
No distance can slow it.
No disease can cripple it.
No force on Earth is more powerful or effective than the power of prayer."

These words are so true. Prayer has become a whole new thing for me. Sure, I've been praying for many, many years, and I'm still praying to the same God, but I have gotten a new glimpse at how effective prayer really is, just as the words above describe. Do not dismiss it as a mere ritual. Do not downplay its power. Do not underestimate God's ability to hear you and work miracles.

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