Saturday, December 20, 2008

If I woke up tomorrow morning with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn't be more surprised than I am right now

Sorry for the lack of updates. Since I am no longer isolated in my bedroom I have not spent much time on the computer. Here's an update:

After my week of being radioactive, I went to the hospital on the morning of December 7th. It was nice to get out of the house. :) I was scheduled for the first scan of the morning, so it was not yet busy, which was nice. The scan itself was not a big deal. I laid on a table and listened to Christmas music for about two and a half hours. After the first couple of pictures the tech told me all he saw was radiation in my neck (meaning there was still thyroid tissue there...completely expected). There were still some more pictures to take, but while I was laying there I was thinking of how we were going to celebrate as soon as I got home. The tech told me afterward that there was definitely residual tissue in my neck, as he said earlier, but there was also a questionable spot in my chest. I was thinking, "WHAT??!! I just made plans to celebrate the fact that the cancer hadn't spread!" But what actually came out was more along the lines of, "huh?" The tech couldn't tell if the spot was on my lungs, sternum, or if it was just my normal anatomy and nothing to worry about. The last round of pictures he took was a 360 degree set. He told me he would look through all of those and would be able to tell for sure whether or not the cancer had spread and, if so, where it had spread to. The doctor would call and let me know in the next few days. My spirits were instantly deflated. It took about 15 minutes to remember that I still did, in fact, have a reason to celebrate. Jesus has given me true, eternal life. He has not taken that away, and He will never take that away. And for that we can always celebrate.

I got a call from my doctor's assistant on Tuesday afternoon, December 9th. She told me the cancer had not metastasized! I asked her about two or three times if she was sure. :) She was sure. That night we went out to celebrate. Even though I had resolved on Sunday to celebrate life in Christ no matter what the doctor said, it was so sweet to hear that news. We celebrated our good, good God and we celebrated answered prayers. We went to a delicious Mexican restaurant, and it was good.

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