Saturday, November 22, 2008

normal [redefined]

i only know what day it is by looking at the letter on the tab of my medicine container/organizer thing. (yes, i have one of those. it's orange.)
spending an entire day in pajamas is acceptable.
sleeping the entire day is also acceptable.
there is nothing good on daytime tv.
or nighttime tv. thank goodness for netflix.
i have suddenly become aware of all the disgusting preservatives and other unpronounceable chemicals i have been putting into my body for the past 24 years.
but i still crave mexican.
i used to think compression stockings were for old people. but now i have a pair. i am wearing them right now. they are useful during all of my lying around time.
i have a new appreciation for really good nurses. and doctors.
God does not get surprised.
but He will cry with you if you need Him to.

i used to think of cancer as something that happens to other people.
but cancer has happened to me.

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