Monday, October 27, 2008


A few weeks ago I woke up with a pain in my neck that felt like I slept wrong. When I touched my neck I felt a lump on my thyroid. So, I immediately made an appointment with the doctor. After visits with multiple doctors, blood work, ultrasounds, and biopsies I have come to learn that I have thyroid cancer.

I think it was when I learned I needed a biopsy when I knew that I had cancer. It was one of those gut feelings. I prayed God would rid my mind of any thoughts that were not from Him, and that thought just would not leave. During the time between when I thought I had cancer and I was officially diagnosed with cancer I just felt like I was floating...kind of like everything was in slow motion. The waiting part was the worst. I envisioned myself sitting in the doctor's office, having to hear the words that everyone prays they never have to hear. But when I was actually there and the doctor was telling me I am going to have to have surgery soon, a wonderful peace washed over my body. And that's when I knew God is going to get us through this and do some mighty things along the way.

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